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Having a place to store your food and drinks is crucial when you go on a camping adventure or fishing on a boat. If you don't have electricity to hook your portable fridge up to on your trip, or you just want something simple that will keep your food and drinks cold without using the car battery, your best bet is to get an ice box. >>Readmore


With an ice box, or an esky as it is known in Australia, all you have to do is fill it with bags of ice. There is no hassle of worrying about how much power it would draw or fumbling with temperature settings. Evakool has a variety of fibreglass or polyethylene ice boxes that would surely fit your needs. In general, these are the qualities you should consider when looking for an ice box:


Size: Perhaps the most pertinent factor is the size of your esky. This will depend on how much the back of your transport can accommodate, as well as the typical length of your trip. Evakool has as little as a 10-litre ice box up to well over a 100-litre in size. Weight is also an important consideration since you'll undoubtedly move your ice box around a lot. No matter the size, your esky of choice will be lightweight and sturdy.


Latches: Evakool eskies have latches that are super easy to operate.  


Insulation: This is another important feature to consider when looking at an ice box for sale. Evakool's superior insulation, suitable for any weather conditions in Australia, can keep ice for up to 10 or 15 days, depending on the size of the ice box and whether it's fibreglass or polyethylene.


Durability: Your ice box will travel with you for long distances, so you want it to last many years. Evakool boasts many polyethylene ice boxes that are tough enough to be used as seats. They will also not dent, corrode, or rust.


Wheels: Having wheels makes transporting your esky much easier and faster on a smooth surface. Evakool has several models that can be wheeled.


Warranty: All products from Evakool are backed with Australia's best 5-year no fuss warranty.


Other features you should think of include how easy it is to clean your ice box, the quality of the drainage bung so you can easily drain the water, and whether you want removable food trays. With the right combination of food trays and stacking bins, you can preserve your food and make your ice box resemble an actual fridge.


An ice box that keeps your drinks cold and food fresh is invaluable, whether it's for family picnics, parties, boating, camping or a day at the beach. So if you are looking for quality ice box coolers that combine performance and durability, contact us today.>>Hide content


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