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When foreigners think of Australia and the Australian way of life, they think of the outdoors. And with good reason: fishing, camping and days at the beach are all major components of the Australian lifestyle and Australian culture. And when you’re travelling on the dusty open road or camping in the wilderness, it is absolutely vital that you’re able to keep your food and drink cool and fresh. >>Readmore


But doing so is much easier said than done when you’re up against the intense heat of the Australian summer and you don’t have access to electricity. Of course, the solution is to invest in a cooler box, but as anyone who has any experience with these products will tell you, the melting ice inside often leaves you with soggy food that nobody wants to eat. Investing in a quality cooler box will allow you to keep your food cool and fresh, without drenching it in water.


At EvaKool, we have a range of ice boxes online that can keep the ice in the box for up to 10-15 days, and they’re especially designed to keep your food cool and fresh. So when you head off on your camping or fishing trip, you can rest assured that all the food you’ve packed will be in perfect condition when the time comes to eat it. And because the ice is retained for such a long time, you can head off into the great outdoors for days at a time without having to spare a thought for how to keep your food fresh. Furthermore, our cooler boxes are designed to stand the test of time. Our polyethylene icebox coolers are tough and durable, and they will not dent, corrode or rust. And thanks to our five year warranty, you need not worry even in the event that something does happen to your ice box cooler.


Cooler Boxes Australia

As Australia’s leading brand of fibreglass iceboxes, we’re proud to ship Australia-wide from our premises in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.


Easily Portable

We understand that you don’t want to be lugging around a heavy box when you’re on a relaxing fishing or camping trip, so for ease of use we also have a variety of ice box coolers that come with wheels. Our quality cooler boxes are the easiest way to keep your food cool, and with so many models and options for every kind of occasion, you can be sure you’ll find the perfect box to meet your needs on our website. Browse our great range of ice boxes online and make sure that your food is kept perfectly fresh on your next adventure! Hide content


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