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Imagine that in preparation for your short trip, you store your carefully made sandwich in a box full of ice, along with some beers or other beverage of your choice. You arrive at your destination only to find that your sandwich has become soggy and is floating around in a pool of melted ice. It's probably not the most pleasant thing that can happen during your adventurous trip away. >>Readmore

Fortunately, having a portable camping fridge can solve that problem. You can keep your food and drinks cool, and even store leftovers, for days at a time. A compressor model will let you run your fridge off your cars battery or electricity so your food and drinks will be ready for you to consume at any time.

At Evakool, we produce high-quality and user-friendly portable camping fridges that run quietly in the back of your car. There are many Evakool fridges you can choose from. It all depends on which one fits your specific needs and what you want to use your fridge for. Several factors you should consider include:

Size: Your fridge needs to fit in the back of your car or van with enough room around it for ventilation and other items. Most Evakool portable fridges come in different sizes, from a 25-litre to a 150-litre capacity. If you are planning on moving your fridge around frequently, you also want to check the weight. Ideally, your fridge should be lightweight but sturdy.

Compartment: Think about the ways you'll most likely use your portable fridge. Do you need a freezer? Then choose the model that can be both a fridge and a freezer. If you need a separate compartment for dairy, Evakool has models for that as well.


Baskets: Many Evakool fridges are equipped with removable baskets. They are more convenient to use because you don't need to reach into the deep compartment to search for things.         

Power usage: If you'll be running your fridge while not charging your battery, you want to be mindful of how much power the fridge will use. Around one amp is typically considered low.

Ease of use: Are the controls easy to use? You might encounter situations where you need to change the fridge setting, depending on the temperature.

Warranty: All Evakool camping fridges have a 5-year no fuss warranty and nation-wide support.

Portable camping fridges are not just for camping. If you're fishing on a boat, you can use your portable fridge to store your bait and hopefully your catch of the day. Whether you just want to relax at the beach or go on an extended camping trip, your fridge will be convenient and indispensable.

So contact us today if you're looking for an ideal travelling partner in the form of portable fridges.>>Hide content

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